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Complimentary FAQ Knowledgebase for Ostendo Operations (ERP) and the Ostendo Freeway App

"Our objective in providing support is to build your knowledge rather than simply resolve queries"

Our online self help FAQ Knowledgebase is provided to help you obtain support immediately for some frequently asked questions. Explore our FAQ Knowledgebase articles in the Pages menu.

This FAQ Knowledgebase is a complimentary service from Ibis and is free for anyone to use, but it only has a limited number of resources. Our online Support Centre has a more comprehensive self help Knowledgebase but it is only available to clients who have a support agreement with us. For full support and service contact your Ostendo Partner or ask us about our Support Centre.

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Need more help?

If you need more support with your Ostendo Operations (ERP) software or Ostendo Freeway Mobility, contact your Ostendo Partner or ask us about our Support Centre.

Our team of consultants provide a full implementation and support service to clients who have a support agreement with us.

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Ibis Support Centre

We provide support throughout Australia and New Zealand through our Support Centre which includes an;

  • Online Support Cases
  • Toll Free Support Line
  • Online Knowledgebase

Our Online Support Centre ensures that your query is logged in our system and the history of resolutions kept for your reference. We will usually work through your support cases on the phone and online with TeamViewer.

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About Ibis

We specialise in Ostendo Operations (ERP) and Ostendo Freeway Mobility and have been a leading Ostendo Partner since the software was first released in 2007.

We have been implementing and supporting ERP systems for small to large businesses since 2001.

Our team of consultants have the industry knowledge and experience to support you in using the system in the most effective way for your business.

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